Our products
agrochemical sector

SO.IT.EM. S.R.L. was born as a commercial company engaged in the herbicide and surfactant sector.
For over forty years it has been offering a wide range of products on the agrochemical market, such as:


Each formulation studied by SO.IT.EM. is aimed at a specific use,
according to the different operational needs of customers,
among which:

Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC)

Homogeneous liquid formulations intended to be applied, after dilution in water, in the form of an emulsion.

Emulsions in Water (EW)

Fluid formulations that consist of a dispersion, in a continuous phase, of droplets containing the active ingredient.

Suspo-Emulsions (SE = SC + EW)

Heterogeneous fluid formulations consisting of a stable dispersion of active ingredients in the form of solid particles and minute non-miscible globules in a continuous homogeneous aqueous phase.

Wettable Powders (WP)

Powdery formulations intended to be dispersed in water in view of their application.

Water Dispersible Granules (WG/WDG)

Formulations consisting of granules, intended to be applied after disintegration and dispersion in water.

Suspension Concentrates (SC)

Stable suspensions of active ingredients in a liquid, which may contain other dissolved active ingredients for use after dilution in water.

Soluble Liquids (SL)

Water–soluble formulations of active ingredients dissolved in water or polar solvents.

Ready-To-Use (RTU)

Formulations known as "low concentration solutions", because they do not require further dilution prior to application. The products contain an active parasiticide pre–diluted with demineralized water or other solvents, to be used directly.

Microemulsions (ME)

Formulations particularly suitable for active ingredients used at low application rates, when a clear, fast-application solution is required.

Oil Dispersion (OD)
Non–aqueous dispersions intended for dilution in water before use. ODs represent the most complex of formulations in suspension of solid matter in oil that also serves as a carrier for additives and active ingredients.